Welcome to our "About Us" page, this is really "About You".

Now that you've gotten information about what we do, take a moment to SEE what we do, then call us about your permanent date with love

The internet has replaced the yellow pages for ready information about services you are seeking. However, where yellow pages were city specific, the internet brings into your home or office quite literally a world of choices.

Selecting the right service for the job takes time and effort on your part. And while we understand that your time is valuable, we hope that you will take a few minutes to read about our goals and our accomplishments in helping other party planners make their events a happy experience and overwhelming success.

We are a Professional DJ Entertainment Company.
We define 'Professional' as someone who has expert and specialized knowledge in their field of practice, someone who has a high quality work ethic and moral obligation with and toward their client and who considers it a privilege to work with the client and help them achieve their ultimate goals.

If that's all we had to say to gain your confidence at this moment, we would stop right here. But many DJs who would call themselves professionals have no idea what this profession is all about. While any DJ can play music, not every DJ can help create that special ambiance within a wedding reception or party event. Our professionals are experienced entertainers and will help gather your friends and family on the dance floor during what is surely one of your most important events to date!

Again, in a word, it's really about: YOU.
Your party is YOU.
It reflects on YOU.
Its success is ultimately about YOU.

While we specialize in weddings and receptions, if you are here seeking information about any other type of party event, just realize this: knowing that we excel in Weddings should immediately assure you that we will be more than capable of providing entertainment for whatever party event you

If you just wanted music and nothing else, we would be the first to say, ‘use your I-pod!’ An i-pod is a mass storage device that holds ‘your favorite’ music, video and pictures.

Again not all DJs are professionals and you may have experienced that at other parties you attended. Even some publications suggest using your I-pod is a better alternative than “live” entertainment. Obviously we don’t agree with this presumption. In fact, if you’d like a greater perspective on this line of thinking, we can provide you with references from people who have attended weddings and parties using their I-pod. Be prepared for some very sad stories!

What can WE DO that your I-pod won’t?
For the wedding ceremony (if you don’t already have a coordinator) we’ll be there from the beginning to the end, to help gather the wedding party together for their entrance songs, for the unity ceremony and of course the processional and recessional music.

For the reception our DJs really shine!
We’ll be there to introduce the wedding party, then YOU upon your arrival to the venue, announce the order for dining, encourage everyone to join YOU around the cake table, instruct the best man and maid/matron of honor on how to appropriately use a microphone (not everyone knows this!) and the champagne toast, line everyone up for YOUR bouquet and garter toss, call daddy and mother to the dance floor for the traditional son and daughter dances and most importantly, introduce YOUR first dance together and further, the wedding party and anniversary dances and a myriad of other special announcements that can and do take place during a typical wedding event. How’s that i-pod doing now?!

And that’s really just the beginning. As professionals we will ‘read’ your audience and play the just right music selections to get them dancing. Two steps, waltzes, slow songs, line dances and more.
Can you really afford to disappoint your wedding guests with pre-programmed music? Let me add another one word answer: NO.
Having our DJ at your wedding reception or party event will insure you’ll get the most and best party you can imagine. Our DJ will interact with the crowd, make announcements and get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Our DJs ensure that your guests will have a greatest time ever.

After all, isn't that the reason you're hosting a your celebration in the first place?

Browse through our site. Select the Wedding Tab for pricing. Watch our video commercial. Review our music data base. See other happy couples and party comments on our Testimonial page. And ask questions when you talk with us. We want you to be armed with the right information in order to select the best entertainment solution that will ultimately make your party event favorably spoken about for years to come.

We want your business. Contact us today.

PS: In case you don't know the questions to ask, here they are:

  • Are you available for my wedding / party date?
    Can you provide ten references with contact information? (You will probably only contact three or four, but ten gives you several references to select from. Be sure to ask all about their wedding and reception or party event to make sure this is a real reference).
  • What do you do for a living when you are not DJing? (What this question is really asking is are you a full time DJ or is this just a part time hobby for you?)
  • How many years of experience as a DJ do you have? (You're looking for 10+ years, 20 is great, 30 even better. If they've been doing this profession of 30+ years talking with them should be an enjoyable experience).
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Is it capable of filling our venue with sound indoor / outdoor, number of guests? How much power does your amplifier put out? (The answer here should be a small number, beware of the DJ who says he has 5,000+ watts unless of course you'll be in the Cowboy stadium. An average 3,000 square foot venue will take about 300 watts to fill with a good ambient music level. That way your seated guests are not shouting to hear each other!)
  • How much time do you need to set up your show? How much space will it take up in our facility? (The question you are answering here is will the DJ's equipment compromise seating for your guests! Can you imagine the DJ showing up in a large tractor trailer to provide sound for your 75 guests?! Ideally, a DJ should need about 6 feet of table space and room for speaker stands either side of the table and a lighting tree behind them, unless of course you are planning on the DJ being the focal point of your party).
  • How do we choose the play list? Do you have an on-line music database? (The professional DJ will have an on line music list). What if you don't have the songs we want, do we provide them or will you buy them for us? Do you take guest requests at the reception? Is ALL of your music CLEAN? (There's nothing more embarrassing than having grandmother faint when the DJ puts on Big Sean Dance Dance Dance, for example).
  • Do you charge by the hour or do you offer all in one wedding packages?
  • Do you charge for travel time or setting up/taking down the equipment?
  • How much is the deposit? When is the balance due? What forms of payment do you accept? Do you offer any discounts?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Do you INCLUDE dance floor lighting in your pricing or is that a separate add on cost? (imagine your night time party and the DJ didn't bring any lighting!)
  • Do you offer any other lighting extras, like Up Lighting or Monogram Gobo lighting?
  • How will you be dressed at my party?
  • Do you have a written contract?
  • You can never have enough information. But if you've read this far, let me advise you on what REALLY sets a professional apart from an AMEUTEUR. The Pro will ask YOU questions. And you'll know you have a professional on the line when he or she does not readily just give you a quoted price. That's usually the first question that is asked. A Pro won't give you the answer until they also have enough information.
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